Stripe On Rails


2-CD [ Your App]

3-add gem 'devise' to Gemfile.

4-$bundle install

5-$rails generate devise:install

6-$rails g devise:views

7-$rails generate scaffold post title:string body:text

8-rails generate devise user

9-$rails db:migrate

10-Add gem 'stripe' to to Gemfile. then bundle install

11-$touch config/initializers/stripe.rb

12-Now we need to add $gem 'dotenv-rails', :groups => [:development, :test] , and bundle install

13-$touch .env then add this file to

14-$rails generate mailer UserMailer

15-$rails generate controller user

16- in .env

past below file in it.

PUBLISHABLE_KEY="Your publishable key from stripe here"

SECRET_KEY="Your secret key from stripe here"

17-$rails g controller charges new create

Let's update the routes file like below:


Rails.application.routes.draw do

resources :charges, only: [:new, :create]

devise_for :users

resources :posts

root to: 'posts#index'




past below code to create customer charge.


<!-- app/views/charges/new.html.erb -->

<%= form_tag charges_path do %>


<% if flash[:error].present? %>

<div id="error_explanation">

<p><%= flash[:error] %></p>


<% end %>

<label class="amount">

<span>Amount: $5</span>



<script src="" class="stripe-button"

data-key="<%= Rails.configuration.stripe[:publishable_key] %>"

data-description="A month's subscription"



<% end %>


19-<!-- app/views/charges/create.html.erb -->

<h2>Thanks, you paid <strong>$5.00</strong>!</h2>

20-pay with card.

You can use test data to fill out the information, Stripe has a few requirements for their test data:

Email - this should be your email address

CC Number - for a working test card use 4242424242424242

Expiration Date - any valid date in the future

CVV code - any three digit code


21- # config/routes.rb

get 'thanks', to: 'charges#thanks', as: 'thanks'


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